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puce History

2016 The Group is very active on the acquisition market in order to enlarge its skills in the transport industry and its series of products as a software editor:
January: acquisition of Cogiteam, IT Consulting company in Paris to reinforce the "Cost-plus" teams of the Group.
February: acquisition of the pieces of software Virtualis and Alexya, solutions for creation and content management of structured documentation under Sharepoint
March: acquisition of the Group SLE Moviken specialized in information systems for travelers
2015 puce3 The adventure is getting faster with the joining of a new financing partner, the investment fund Tertium, in order to help the Group develop its software editing activities and acquire strategical assets
2013 Creation of the Italian subsidiary:  The REACTIS Group settles in Italy
2012 International opening:  The REACTIS Group settles in September 2012 in Germany and at the end of the year in Canada
2010 Acquisition of EGM SOLUTIONS : The REACTIS Group arises from the acquisition of EGM, which has similar values on complementary activities
2008 Beginning of the structure of the REACTIS Group: The company recruits key people inside the organization in order to develop a different offer, such as probative value archiving or a strong partnership policy (STS, ALFRESCO, IBM, Conseil & Stratégie), and become a specialist in work packages offers
2006 Creation of the subsidiary in Paris: During these years, REACTIS has multiplied its turnover by 4. The company settles in the meantime as a major actor in the PACA region (south-est of France)
2005 Beginning of the development outside of the PACA region (south-east of France):  Creation of the Toulouse subsidiary and winning of a TPAM market of more than 10 persons/year
2003 Beginning of the AIRBUS partnership:  REACTIS wins its first market among Airbus Toulouse
2001 puce3 Creation of REACTIS : In June 2001, Jean-Marc ROQUELAURE, manager in a big IT Consulting Company, creates REACTIS on a simple idea: a different consulting company, based on strong human values: proximity, humane company, reactivity