puce REACTIS, an IT Consulting Company recognized by more than 50 key account clients

At the origin of the creation of the Group, REACTIS is an IT consulting company different from the others.
It is specialized in the workpackage contracts with results commitment and works mainly in the domains of ECM and structured documentation.

Generalist concerning the economic sector of its clients, it still has genes in the aeronautical and defense industries which allowed it to gather expertise with the strictest norms and constraints.

Its DNA lies in its capacity to understand the expertise and constraints of its clients industries in order to adapt IT to the clients and not trying to adapt their organization to the ERP constraints like its too often the case. It allows nowadays REACTIS to be a company renowned by the key accounts everywhere where it is located: in France, in Italy, in Germany, in the USA and in Canada. Our ambition is to consolidate what we have achieved and to grow further using talented coworkers and putting in place a true industrialization of our processes.

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