puce Our positioning:
adapt IT to your domain

Following the industrialization of the finance, procurements and business processes, the digitalization of the big companies will orientate itself into a better reactivity and the adaptation to the industry 2.0.
These orientations will require, among other things, sharing and distributing information within the collaborators and clients. The REACTIS Group supports the big groups with the structuring of their ECM action (Enterprise Content Management), the integration of new technologies and the mobility for companies. For that REACTIS offers a wide range of complete solutions and services, bringing real answers to challenges of nowaday.

puce2 Our vision : the structured documentation at the heart of digital transformation

The group has the expertise and masters the whole solutions allowing the setup of structured documentation. It is obvious that the documentation in the aeronautical or military domains has to follow a normalized organization of the content. The resulting printed or digital publications have to obey norms or specifications. However these solutions are applicable in much wider fields, notably for the persistence of documentation. The independance regarding the proprietary formats of editors and regarding the operating systems is in most cases enough to justify the creation of the documentation following a norm (norm SGML, XML...)
But even without considering any normalized obligation, strucutring a documentation will allow establishing a clean multimedia base. This "effort" that the group will accompany you with will allow:
-    You to master a tree organization of your documentation, making possible a selection of the information necessary for each writer and easing the selection of the pertinent modules by the reader.

-    The use of metadata make possible the creation of a unique documentation covering different products of the same family.

-    The extraction of the pertinent information based on attributes defining the applicability of the documentary elements or on any similar mechanism.

A structured documentation also ensures that you master the evolution of digital technologies. The information of a structured documentation is easily organized under differents mediums, while conversion modules are in charge of generating a format that can be imported.
A well structured documents set can later be published on mediums that were not existing while it was designed, ensuring the continuance of the information.

puce2 Assist you in the management of the change in order to improve you ways of working

The industry is nowaday integrated in a digital environment implying an even faster evolution. In consequence it has to transform and innovate to be in a position of competitiveness.
Considering this observation IT projects have become the heart of the innovation in the industry and generate often a break of the known processes and uses. The human factos represent consequently the main reason for the failure of these type of projects.

The change management (or assistance through the change) helps accepting the changes in a new project and reducing rejection factors. In extension it can be referred as piloting innovation.

The Reactis group is willing not only to manage the setup of its projects but also that the client industry gets a benefit in return, which is why it was necessary to integrate in the heart of our competencies this activity of consulting and leading the change. Not only "Conseil et stratégie" is dedicated to this kind of assistance by applying specific renowned methods, but we also have in each company of the Group the will to associate functionnal / application consultants to our engineers, which guarantees for you and us a "true" achievement with the setup.
Implication and participation of people in the process is a key asset to reaching the target, since leading the change cannot be limited to training and sensibilization actions. We go far beyond that!