puce Our values:
an IT consulting company based on strong human values

We rassemble multi-disciplinary teams and business experts at the base of a skills synergy which offers us the possibility to answer the various challenges of our clients. Our management has always pushed a dynamic among our coworkers in order to allow them acquiring quickly an autonomy and practices in adequation with their requirements in terms of professionalism, respect of the commitments and satisfaction of our clients. Proximity is also one of the fundamental values of REACTIS which can be observed with our will to have agencies located as close as possible to our coworker, to propose missions among the big employment areas, but also to allow our clients having always local focal points, which guarantees a good reactivity and an unequaled quality. This proximity can be observed also in the human sized management of the agencies.

puce2 Our corportate culture

We are convinces that every individual value is summarized by his/her capacity to evolve, while sharing expertise and having a common know-how. It is this source of enrichment that we share with our teams, by putting in place competence and sharing centers.

puce2 Our corporate values

Working as REACTIS is done in a good atmosphere with an open-minded freedom of expression. We think that everyone has to take part to the improvement of the company and shares the responsibility for our achievements. We advertise clearly as on of our values: failure tolerance and recognition of achievement. Our ambition is to decide together of our future and to share the decisions with all of our coworkers.