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Activities in Canada

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REACTIS offers you its top 10 activities to do in Quebec from September onwards and during the winter period. If you're short of ideas and want to fill out your calendar while living your Canadian experience to the full, then this article is for you! 😊

Go see the colors

Fall is coming and Quebec is unveiling a panoply of colors, each one as incredible as the next. From pastel yellow to bright red, you will be amazed and leave with stars in your eyes. The icing on the cake? A hike in a national park at the end of the summer.

Apple picking

If you have a sweet tooth, this activity is for you. Not very common in Europe, Canada offers you to pick your own apples that you can taste or even prepare a delicious pie for your guests! A pleasure all the more gratifying, this activity is to be shared with friends or family to create memories in your head! 

Harvesting Indian wheat 

Wheat from India ? We arouse your curiosity? The corn is a small name which represents the corn. But why corn? This name comes from the first European settlers who thought they were in India when they arrived in America and discovered wheat. Quebec is full of corn fields, and mazes in corn fields too (be careful not to get lost). Although the harvest period starts in August, September is still a good month to live this experience. Afterwards, you can enjoy your corn on the cob (with a beer, as you wish).

Get your pumpkin and celebrate Thanksgiving

It's also pumpkin season and the typically Canadian activity of being able to choose and pick your pumpkin (in pumpkin town for example). It's up to you to decide if you want to stop picking it to scare the more daring ones or eat it for the more greedy ones.

But when and how to eat pumpkin? That's probably the question you're asking yourself as you read these few lines 😉

Thanksgiving, also known as "thanksgiving", is the perfect time to gather around a hearty meal. This holiday in Canada will allow you to give thanks for the good things you have received over the past year. This positive moment can be shared over pumpkin pie or pumpkin cake.

Celebrate Halloween

In North America, Halloween is a real tradition. Beyond the party you can organize with friends, the whole city is decorated: from gardens to stores to a street, the whole city is transformed to get into the dark atmosphere of the Halloween party.👻

Cutting down your Christmas tree

Do you want to bring the festive atmosphere you know from your childhood to Canada by putting up your first Canadian Christmas tree? Become a lumberjack for a moment because it is possible to cut your tree. It's (almost) easy, take a car and go to a specific reserve to cut the tree you have chosen according to your desires.

Canada is known for its icy winter, so why not take advantage of it and do some unusual activities. Put on your ice skates and discover the forests of Quebec alone or with others. Miles of trails await you and exceptional landscapes are waiting to be discovered.

Avoid the trees and squirrels to enjoy these unique moments.

The whales

Tadoussac is a famous place in Quebec (approximately 6 hours drive from Montreal to see whales up close, and yes real ones! And the hours of driving are worth it. You will discover a unique, relaxing and different part of the province. Breathtaking landscapes and whale watching. Indeed, many cruises allow you to get closer to these mammals while respecting their natural space.

You've often seen them on TV or drawn well as a child, seeing them will take your breath away. 🐳

Tube sliding

Are you a thrill seeker? You've probably already slid on the waves in a swimsuit while the sun was beating down on your face, but have you ever gone down meters of snow in that same buoy?

Many spots in Quebec offer you this activity, which will make your heart beat.

Getting ready for winter

Canada is known for its extreme and sometimes long winters. The best way to enjoy your expatriation is to anticipate the low temperatures. Today, REACTIS gives you 3 tips that will help you better live your winter experience ❄️ :

  • Find a place to live close to a metro station to minimize the number of trips outside if you don't have a car.
  • Plan many winter activities so you don't hibernate and create many different memories from your daily life.
  • Buy the right equipment, the essentials will be those that cover the extremities (hat, gloves, socks, snow shoes) and a coat that will keep you warm.