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EN9100 certification 

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EN 9100 / ISO 9001 certification

REACTIS ensures the quality of the services it provides to its customers thanks to its EN9100/IS09001-certified quality system. This certification was obtained in October 2021.

The EN 9100 standard is intended for companies involved in the design, manufacture and production of products and services in the aeronautical, defense and space sectors.

Based on ISO 9001 certification and developed by the international aeronautics quality group, it aims to ensure a level of excellence in terms of efficiency and reliability. It intervenes throughout the supply chain in order to anticipate and avoid risks (obtaining this certification leads to obtaining the ISO 9001 standard).

The REACTIS quality system guarantees our customers the implementation of all technical, research and quality means adapted to the expectations of all parties concerned: customers, employees, investors, quality certification bodies.

This guarantee is obtained by deploying the Delivery processes adapted to the contracted services all the necessary actions:

  1. To the execution of operational activities including technical and research means
  2. The management of these activities through the implementation of KPI (time and quality)
  3. Targeted identification of non-conformities which are treated within the contract management but also transmitted to the quality system for analysis and the implementation of a continuous improvement process

The operational aspects are complemented by a Sales process that defines and secures the contractual and commercial framework of the services to be provided and the levels of service and quality to be achieved.

The REACTIS quality system is built to drive stakeholder expectations by:

  1. Centralizing the detected non-conformities (whether at the operational level or at any other level of the company) but also the necessary or desirable improvements
  2. Leading a continuous improvement action plan
  3. Basing its quality requirements on the implementation of performance indicators managed at the level of each process

REACTIS has succeeded in implementing a level of quality in its services that has enabled it to obtain EN9100/ISO9001 certification in October 2021 for its aeronautical activities. The objective in 2022 was to obtain the renewal of the certification in October, which has been achieved. The objectives for the year 2022 were :

  • Sustaining customer satisfaction
  • Maintain the quality level of services 
  • Minimizing risks for a better quality of service
  • Ensure the maintenance of skills and the well-being of employees
  • Etc.

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