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Our expertise

Our teams, specialists in digital transformation, rely on a strong expertise to deliver the best service to our customers. Depending on the context, we adapt our intervention methods to the needs and constraints of our clients. We respond to a wide range of technical requirements thanks to our 5 technological skills. Finally, we ensure a quality delivery thanks to our mastery of different project methodologies and the systematic implementation of SLAs and management indicators.

Nos engagements et
modes d’intervention

In order to adapt to the different levels of commitment required by our customers, REACTIS offers 3 modes of intervention:

  • Unit Technical Assistance (UTA): we are committed to providing the right expertise at the right time.
  • Grouped technical assistance (GTA): Provision of a project team with budget monitoring and quality indicators.
  • Project mode (fixed price): on the basis of a specification, we carry out your project in the respect of a budgetary commitment and a provisional planning.

By using our service centers for both ATG and project modes, you can significantly accelerate the start-up of your projects thanks to our infrastructure, our plug&play project software and access to our resources on a national level.

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Reactis © BACKGROUND - Lottie Haut Droit - Structure document

A wide choice of technologies

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Project management and methodology

Project management, as well as its methodology, is an approach that aims to organize the smooth running of a project from start to finish. It is all the operational and tactical aspects that make a project succeed in a triangle representing the quality-cost-delay balance.

There are multitudes of methodologies to implement in project management. At REACTISour project manager finds the appropriate methodology according to the needs of the project. Even if we privilege the Agile for large and complex projects, the V-Cycle can be useful for small software projects, where requirements can be clearly documented.

Before starting, you have to ask yourself the right questions about the objective, the level of complexity of the project, the methodology of previous projects, the level of involvement of the clients... It is according to all this that the action plan will be successful! A relevant choice of the methodology will allow us to save precious time. Our mission is to choose a methodology 100% adapted to your project to allow us to accompany you and realize your application at best.