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For more than 20 years, REACTIS Group has been supporting its customers in the implementation and maintenance of their information systems. The Group is committed to providing market players with quality services thanks to its employees who are experts in their sector.

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"Our sales force is built around four business units that provide a broad range of skills."


The value of REACTIS services is based on an EN9100/ISO9001 certified Quality System. The following points bring to the REACTIS delivery process the durability, stability and measurability necessary in a high tech sector like aeronautics:

  • Behavioral agility
  • Management of skills and backs-up
  • The KPI culture
  • Measuring customer and employee satisfaction.

REACTIS is above all a partner before being a service provider.

REACTIS wants to position itself as a major partner for Connected Services in the future. The exploitation of flight data is at the heart of future strategies, whether for the automation of piloting, the optimization of maintenance or the sale of additional services to customers.

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Insurance & Retirement

The Insurance, Retirement & Provident sector has undergone many changes in recent years, including a concentration effect on the major market players.

Major changes have also been imposed: the merged complementary pension scheme for the private sector, the withholding tax, the general reduction of social security contributions, the DSN - Déclaration Sociale Nominative. Not to mention the upcoming pension reform...

Historically, REACTIS is in Historically, REACTIS has partnered with major names in the social protection and insurance sector to help them realize their digital and business transformation projects according to their vision of the future for their company.

The sector and business-oriented internal organization guarantees complementarity between functional and technical skills.

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The user experience is more than ever the keyword of a new digital strategy. To make it unique, some companies have created a digital ecosystem that allows all stakeholders to interact (information sharing). A digital transformation concomitant with the implementation of new services.

This will involve for example:

  • An acceleration of the cloud: a large majority of business data will be stored in the cloud and not in corporate data centers.
  • Everything-as-a-Service: Solutions delivered as a service will continue to gain momentum, creating a flexible, innovation-friendly IT industry where everything is available as a service.
  • A 5G expansion: a 100% 5G network is expected by 2030. This advanced network will provide high-speed, latency-free connections, which will result in exponential advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital twins in the industrial sector.


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Payments by any means and at any time

In a world where applications are more and more present, human interactions are paradoxically more and more sought after. Thinking "digital", while remaining human. Banks are looking to have conversations with their customers via digital channels. Technologies, such as AI, can help them establish this contact.

"New payment developments will come from open networks, which will eventually lead to increased cybersecurity challenges.

In this context, REACTIS supports its customers in their methodological and technological mutation, such as artificial intelligence, data, infrastructure. The sector and business-oriented internal organization guarantees a complementarity between functional and technical skills, in a context where banking system architectures tend to become more complex.

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Is industry doing better or worse environmentally? This is one of the promises of Industry 4.0: socially responsible and environmentally responsible. When it comes to ecology, it definitely has several strings to its bow. For example, this is the idea behind smart grids. Or a fairer use of resources with less waste. 3D printers, for example, use only the bare minimum of materials.

Being sensitive to eco-responsible issues, REACTIS is continuously investing and using its know-how acquired in other sectors for its positioning on this market, through digital transformation and protection projects.

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